Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Post

It's December 2, 2010. 9:29 pm. I just made my blog and figured I had better add a post. Hopefully one day someone other than me will read this. I am making everyone knitted presents for Christmas. I just learned to knit about 2 months ago, so I am sure everyone expected it! Maybe next year they will get something a little more complicated than a hat! I am also working on my handwarmers. Its really cold when I go to Indiana, and I usually only have to wait outside for a few minutes before they open the door. So handwarmers are a good fix. Tyson wears his sweater, and loves looking handsome, and he knows he does! I hope to be able to make some patterns after the Holidays, when I have lots of free time to work them out, so Hopefully I will have some viewers!! See ya soon - Paws crossed!

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