Monday, January 9, 2012

Secret Project and Finally a Sweater for Myself!!

Right now I am working on a secret project that needs to be done by February. I should be able to finish in time. Im exited about it, its turning out really nice, even though its way to small to fit my big rear... I take a break from that every now and then to work on my sweater. I have looked and looked and couldnt find one anywhere I liked. Finally, I came across the Chanticleer Cardigan in Interweave Knits Weekend 2010. Its so beautiful! It's just a normal plain cardigan, but its reversible (if I can do the finishing correctly) from reverse stockinette (which is the right side) to stockinette. I am using Knit Picks Wool of the Andies in Dove Heather. Im taking pictures, so I will update them (pretty much for myself cause no body else reads my blog!) as I go. I start work Today (Monday) back at the tax office. I love that job. Don't mind the long hours there at all. Then Wednesday, its back to work at Tastebuds. Not too happy about that one. It so boring most the time, and when I am not bored Im being yelled at by the bosses. Over stupid shit. I mean its not rocket science, its a soda shop. We make pizzas, sandwiches, and milkshakes. (With a few variations in between) and I can't learn anything if they won't let me do it. I don't learn by someone telling me something or even showing me. I have to do it myself, and find the way that works for me. Im dyslexic so learning is different for me that other people. One way thats easier for someone else makes that same way really hard for me. But to my bosses, my way is wrong so I just don't get to do it. I really hope I can find a better job after tax season. They arent too happy about me leaving, I don't blame them, leaving them short handed and all, but I make at least 3 times more there. Who in their right mind would rather be treated like shit all day making close to nothing, or have a job they love to go to making 3 times more. No brrainer to me, even if it does end in April. Well, Im done venting for now, going to bed.

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